Colonoscopy Melbourne

Colonoscopy is a specialized medical procedure that examines the internal aspect of the lining of the large intestine, for which the medical term is the colon.

A specialized video endoscope or colonoscope is an instrument that produces high definition images of the inside of the colon. A simple way of describing a video endoscope would be a telescopic flexible camera. Colonoscopy also allows for the sampling of tissue or biopsy and removal of polyps, which can develop in the colon.

Colonoscopy is performed at specialized day hospitals or large tertiary hospitals and almost always performed under light anaesthetic. Colonoscopy is used to screen and prevent bowel cancer. It is also used as an important tool to investigate gastrointestinal disorders such as bleeding, anaemia, bowel function disturbance and abdominal pain. The procedure can facilitate biopsy, removal of polyps, treatment of blood loss and therapies such as dilatation of strictures.

By allowing examination of the lining of the colon and the ability to obtain biopsies, it helps to confirm the diagnosis in gut related medical conditions.

Colonoscopy is considered a safe medical procedure with minimal risks which your specialist will discuss with you. Your family GP or doctor may have recommended that you have a colonoscopy. If this is so, please contact our administrative staff to either book yourself in for a consultation to discuss this further. In cases where there is a clear indication, a direct referral for the procedure can take place and is also known as an open access procedure.

Our staff can help guide you and consult with our specialists to confirm if this would be suitable. Colonoscopy may not be needed or indicated and if you are unsure, a consultation with our specialists would help to clarify based on their experience, knowledge and details of your symptoms, examination findings and background / family history.