Food allergies & intolerances

Food allergies & intolerances Melbourne

In Australia, about one in 10 infants, one in 20 children up to five years of age, and two in 100 adults have food allergies. A food allergy is an immune response to the presence of a particular food component in the body causing a reaction through either the skin (ie itching, burning, rash, urticaria, swelling of eyes and mouth), respiratory system (ie anaphylaxis, difficulty in breathing, wheeze, persistent cough), central nervous system (ie increase in blood pressure, fatigue, headache) or gastrointestinal tract (ie diarrhoea, abdominal cramping, nausea, vomiting). In contrast a food intolerance is not an immune response, but rather a reaction of a food component or ‘chemical’.

Working with your GP, we will assess your dietary intake together with symptoms you experience to determine the potential dietary cause. Prior to your appointment you will be supplied with a food and symptom diary to record your dietary intake for at least 3 days, please speak to our friendly reception staff at the time of booking.