Gastroscopy Melbourne

Gastroscopy is a medical procedure where a video endoscope is passed through the mouth, to examine the upper gastrointestinal tract.

It is a safe medical procedure, usually performed under light anaesthetic in specialized day procedure units or hospitals. Patients who complain of upper abdominal pain, reflux, weight loss, anaemia or diarrhoea may need to undergo the procedure. It helps in the diagnosis of peptic ulcer disease, gastritis, Helicobacter infection, stomach cancer, Barrett’s and coeliac disease.

These conditions can then be confirmed by obtaining samples of tissue (biopsies) of the lining, which are then sent for laboratory testing. This helps in confirming the diagnosis. Gastroscopy may be used with other investigations such as blood tests and imaging studies, to help put together a picture as to why you have any symptoms such as heartburn, gas, pain, weight loss, low iron or diarrhoea.

It may have been suggested to you that you have this procedure by your family doctor or GP. If so, you can contact our staff who can advice you as to whether a prior consultation with our specialist is necessary or booking be made directly for the procedure.

In patients who are not on blood thinning medications and are in good health, the procedure could be performed by our specialists and the results discussed at a later date with your GP or our specialists.