Skin checks

Skin checks Melbourne

A skin check or mole check requires initial consultation with one of our dermatologists, to firstly determine previous medical history and family history of skin cancers. This information along with skin examination findings, is used to determine your future risk of developing skin cancer and how often a skin check is recommended in the future.

During your examination, almost all of your skin will be examined, including for example your palms, soles and areas of skin not usually exposed to sunlight. We would not routinely examine your scalp or genital skin.

You will have dermoscopy examination of many moles and skin lesions, this provides excellent magnification and lighting. Photographs may be taken of particular lesions (close up and with a dermatoscope) and distance photos if you have many moles (mole mapping).

If we were to find a skin cancer, a biopsy may be required. For many skin cancers surgery can be curative and is usually a minor procedure using local anaesthetic, which takes place in the clinic. The sample taken is sent to pathology and can take up to a week to confirm the diagnosis. Some early skin cancers and pre cancers can be destroyed with topical creams and cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen).

If you are concerned about a particular skin spot that is growing or changing, bleeding, itching or is new; we recommend that you ask our reception staff for an urgent appointment. We would endeavour to see you as soon as possible in this situation.
Otherwise, a routine skin check can take place at a date and time that are convenient for you. Please contact our reception staff to book for this.